Bag-in-box industrial container, 1000 liters

Product code: 22650BAGINBOX1000

  • Weight: 102,00 kg
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The collapsible Bag-in-box system is a reusable liquid transport system that is cost-effective due to its collapsibility in the transport cycle.
Advantages over traditional IBC containers: 

  • Cost-effective transport thanks to collapsibility when returning an empty container
  • The container is reusable, but the inner plastic bag needs to be replaced
  • Hygienic - thanks to the internal disposable plastic bag, the highest level of hygiene is guaranteed
  • Security - if desired, the product is protected and tracked thanks to the RFID transmitter
  • Easy to fill, empty and transport
  • Optimal use of space – can be assembled empty and stored on top of each other during transport and storage. (when assembled, 5 pcs. can fit on the base)
  • Available with flap and lid.

Product specifications:

  • Container dimensions - 120 x 100 x 125 cm
  • Internal dimensions - 111 x 91 x 103 cm
  • Height when folded - 43 cm
  • Capacity - 1000 liters/1300 kg
  • Stackable - 5+1 containers
  • Folded (when moving) can be stored on top of each other - 2 pcs.

Available separately:

  • 1000 liter inner bags with both 5 and 12.7 cm inlet
  • Covers
  • Different release transitions.
  • Bag holders facilitate bag filling.

 NB! Minimum amount full base. Special order.