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tesa® 51960 Carpet laying tape for professional users, removable

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tesa® 51960 Carpet laying tape for professional users, removable.

tesa® 51960 is most extensively resistant to ageing and plasticizers (no discoloration of PVCV-floorings).The different adhesion value is tailormade for carpet laying applications and guarantees a very high tack on many commonly used surfaces.

Product description:
tesa® 51960 is a double-sided carpet laying tape, the open side is to a large extent residual-free removable from many surfaces and consists of PP-film with an acrylic adhesive.

The side with the stronger adhesion is covered with a white liner.

Application Fields:
Border and butt conglutination of floor coverings based on foam or textile woven backings as well as PVC- and CV-floorings on nearly any surfaces.

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