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Strapping dispenser Premium PM100

Product code: 11545PM100

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PM100 is a high-quality, professional-grade strapdispenser designed for heavy-duty use. The zinc-plated surface allows the dispenser to be used in harsh weather conditions.
The PM100 strapdispenser can be adapted for use with both metal-, PP, and PET straps with an inner diameter of 400 mm.

The dispenser also comes equipped with a toolbox for convenient storage of hand tools, strap buckles, strap cutters, etc. There are three main advantages to using a strapdispenser:

  • By facilitating and accelerating the transfer of the strap roll from one work area to another, can significantly increase work productivity.
  • By keeping the strap clean, reduces the chance of dirt getting into the tensioning device, thus prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.
  • It allows for significant strap savings.

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