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Air cushion film for a bubble wrap machine, 100x200 mm/700 m

Product code: 11362BP2104

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With this air cushion film, you can produce air-filled cushions using a bubble wrap machine that protects your products from damage during shipping. If you need to protect your products or prevent them from moving around in the box, this solution is 10-20 times more cost-effective compared to traditional bubble wrap. For a more precise calculation, please contact our customer support, and we will provide you with a comparison between this solution and the traditional bubble wrap you are currently using.

Note! It takes about 156 meters to produce 1 m3 of film, which means that a roll makes about 4.5 m3 of film. The volume of a traditional bubble wrap roll (50 cm x 150 m) is about 0.15 m3, so you would need to buy around 29 rolls of 50 cm x 150 m bubble wrap to get the same volume.

  • Air cushion dimensions are 100 x 200 mm
  • Roll length is 700 m
  • Made from HDPE film

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