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Packaging film 20 my, 250 mm wide, transparent

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Shrink wrap film or hand film is the most standard film used for packaging pallets and packages in industry. "My" refers to the micron unit and gives an indication of the film thickness. The standard thickness for packaging film is 17-23 microns, but in some cases, thinner or thicker films are used.

For example, films with a thickness of less than 10 microns are mainly intended for dust protection and may not hold a heavy pallet together. Optimal and cost-effective pallet wrapping is a combination of a box, film, tape, a separator between layers, and, if necessary, strapping.

Additionally, for full pallets, it is possible to order UV-resistant films in different colors or with printing.

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10 boxes (120 rolls) 3.10 € Your price: 2.79 € (- 10%)
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