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PET strapping tool set Signode BXT3-16 for 16mm strap

Product code: 11504SIG1616

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The SIGNODE BXT3-16 is a fast and easy-to-use battery-powered strapping tool suitable for use with PET straps with widths of 13 or 16 mm.

The device's tension force is adjustable within the range of 400-2500N, making it suitable for securing medium to lightweight pallets and packages with PET or PP straps. The device is operated through a comfortable and shock-resistant touch screen. The kit includes an 18 V 2 Ah LiION battery and a fast charger. The device is equipped with a brushless DC motor, which significantly extends its maintenance-free operating time.

The tool offers three operating modes:

  • Manual mode - The operator controls the tool, and the tool applies tension until the operator releases the tension button and then applies heat to melt the strap and cuts off the excess.
  • Semi-automatic mode - The operator selects the strap tension strength by holding down the tension button. The tension can be interrupted or restarted multiple times to fit around corners, etc. Once the desired tension is achieved, the tool automatically melts and cuts the strap.
  • Automatic mode - The tool is pre-set to the desired strap tension, and after placing the strap in the tool and pressing the tension button, the tool applies the tension, melts and cuts the strap automatically. Meanwhile, the operator can prepare for the next cycle.

The BXT3-16 device is also equipped with a SOFT function, which allows the device to be used with lower technical properties PP tapes. The function reduces both the tension and the starting speed of tension by about half.

The set includes a powerful 18 V 2 Ah Li-Ion battery and a fast charger. The tool has a brushless DC motor, which significantly extends the tool's maintenance-free operating time.

Choose the model that works with the strap width that fits your needs!

This product is intended for use with a 16 mm strap.

The tool is made in Switzerland.

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