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Medium plastic pallets

Medium plastic pallets

Medium pallets are resistant to stains and fall between lightweight pallets and hygienic pallets in terms of weight. Pallets are suitable for export. Together with steel tubes, plastic pallets are suitable for shelving heavier weights.


Weight tolerance indicators of medium pallets:

  • Dynamic weight: 1200 kg
  • Static weight: 3000 kg


Medium pallets with steel tubes:

  • Dynamic weight: 2500 kg 
  • Static weight: 4500 kg 
  • For racking: 1000-1500 kg

*All weight bearing tests are performed on the principle of uniform distribution and are tested according to ISO 8611.

Medium EUR pallet 120x80x15 cm,
39.02 €
Medium FIN pallet 120x100x15 cm,
55.23 €
Medium EUR reinforced pallet 120x80x15 cm
48.80 €