Impact indicator purple, 37G (Shockwatch)

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How do shock indicators help protect my product?

  • Shockwatch indicators register strong impacts and damages that occur during transportation.
  • With the help of the indicator, transportation damages can be detected in a timely manner and responsibility for the incident can be properly addressed.
  • The indicator contains a substance in a transparent ampoule that turns red when it reacts to a certain level of impact.

The installation of the indicator helps:

  • Ensure consistent product quality upon arrival.
  • Reduce unexpected costs.
  • Claim damages from those responsible for the damage.
  • Reduce the possibility of complaints.

How to use the indicator?

  • The shock indicator should be attached to the side of the product/box in the upper right corner.
  • A sticker (see pictures) goes underneath the indicator, alerting the carrier that the package is being monitored.
  • The transparent ampoule in the indicator contains a substance that reacts to a certain level of impact and turns red. (The appropriate indicator is selected based on the product's dimensions and weight).

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