Synthesi pallet wrapper 165 cm/h 210 cm / USED PRODUCT

Product code: 11560SYNKASUT

  • Weight: 350,00 kg
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SLIGHTLY USED Synthesi with 2100 mm mast height.

Synthesi is one of the most cost-effective options for smaller packaging volumes and start-up companies.

This demo unit comes equipped with:

  • Turntable diameter: 1650 mm.
  • Standard wrapping height: 2100 mm (with an extra 100 mm to cover the top edge of the pallet).
  • Maximum loading weight: 2000 kg.

The machine features a mechanical clutch for adjusting the film tension and also includes programs for corner placement and top sheet application.

Technical specifications:

  • Mast height: 2100 mm
  • Turntable size: 1650 mm

Additional options available for purchase:

  • Loading ramp
  • Adapter for using coreless stretch film
  • Adapter for using stretch netting
  • Lifting module for loading pallets with an electric forklift
  • Additional accessories for wrapping goods in wheeled containers


Pakkemeister Hillman OÜ is the representative of Atlanta Stretch S.p.a. in Estonia and also provides maintenance services and spare parts as needed.

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