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Shrink wrap machine FM 77A Evo-A

Product code: 11548FM77AEVOA

  • Weight: 338,00 kg
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Minipack®-Torre has never abandoned the pioneering spirit that has always accompanied the company. It was precisely the invention of the first chamber machine that determined the birth of the company 40 years ago. Ideas cannot be stopped. Today, Minipack®-Torre has launched a new series, the result of years of research and development, which summarizes the best features of all its compact packaging machines: reliable, easy to use, and durable.

Technical solutions:

  • Option to choose between the "Automatic" work cycle (press the start button consecutively with programmed pause intervals) and the "Manual" work cycle (press the Start button to perform a single packaging cycle).
  • Automatic opening of the lid and product ejection.
  • Standard sealing bar liquid cooling system: higher productivity and better seal tightness when the sealing bar closes.
  • Innovative upper lid fastening: easier maintenance.
  • Sealing bar safety check.
  • Roll holder with a larger diameter (250 mm).
  • Packaging table separated from the roll holder: suitable for packaging small products with the same film roll.
  • Innovative micro-perforator ensures continuous and optimal perforation.
  • Double screen: 2-digit program selection, 4-digit work cycle reading.
  • 6 programs on the digital control panel for easy use.
  • Access to the power plate through the front door.
  • Higher product placement rack - greater protection for heating elements.
  • More powerful fan motor for even better heat shrinking.
  • Added safety thermostat, installed directly on the heating chamber resistor for greater safety.
  • Glue-free neoprene rubber support that is easy to replace and does not require glue.
  • Greater safety for the operator.